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Nature Review

What's Wrong with Fat? received a very nice review in the "Books in Brief" section of Nature: 

Obesity is an international epidemic. Or is it? Sociologist Abigail C. Saguy weighs in with an investigation of fatness that looks provocative, yet is thoughtful and thorough. By examining heft through many lenses, from the ethical to the scientific, Saguy traces how labelling fat as a disease or as an indicator of immorality seeps into society. She argues that public-health diktats are issued despite scientific debate over the condition; and that factors in fatness, such as poverty, are often ignored. Ultimately, she avers, stigmatizing the condition serves to embed it further. 


New York Times review calls WWwF "illuminating and fascinating"

According to Abigail Zugar, MD, in this New York Times review, "Dr. Saguy analyzes it all, and asks why. She winds up paying particular attention to the debate in the medical world over the actual health consequences of being fat: Studies keep confounding the reigning supposition that thin is best with evidence that modestly overweight may be even better. Meanwhile, those who are larger than average are routinely blamed for their size, a phenomenon augmented by deplorably simplistic media coverage (unlike anorexia, interestingly enough, which is remarkably free of the same connotations of personal fault). "


Read the Introduction of WWwF?

I'm pleased to report that my publisher has given me permission to post the introduction to What's Wrong with Fat? here. Enjoy!


Chronicle of Higher Education

There is a review of What's Wrong with Fat? in this issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education.


Book Review

The blog, "Feed me I'm Cranky," has a review of What's Wrong with Fat? Check it out!