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How Obesity Became a Disease

The Atlantic. March 25, 2015. “How Obesity Became a Disease.” By Harriet Brown.


Wisconsin Public Radio interview on Fat shaming

I was interviewed on Wisconsin Public Radio on Monday September 15th on fat shaming.


Don't believe the hype: We have no idea why Americans weight has gone up... and now has stopped

As published in USA Today

Originally written for Zocalo Public Square


What's Wrong with Fat? is now available on!

I was thrilled to learn that What's Wrong with Fat? is now available on! You can find a free sample on the webpage and you can get the entire audiobook free with a 30 day trial membership.


Humiliating Fat People Is Hazardous to Our Health

The War on Obesity Is Counterproductive. Why Not Focus On Better Eating and Living for Everyone?

Why is First Lady Michelle Obama supporting the humiliation of fat people? Ms. Obama, who has made fighting childhood obesity her signature issue, recently appeared for the second time on the television show The Biggest Loser. She was on as part of a campaign launched by the Partnership for a Healthier America to encourage people to drink more water. Encouraging children (and adults) to choose water over soda and other sugary drinks is a good thing. But Obama would have been better off conveying that message without endorsing a program that uses the fear and loathing of fat people to scare Americans into adopting these behavioral changes. The First Lady’s endorsement of this abusive show—and its enduring popularity as its 15th edition marks its mid-season finale—is indicative of all that is wrong about the broader “war on obesity.”

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